on the plus side i am now obligation-free again and can knit hat and pick berries with no stress

well that was

that was



fireflies in timelapse, photos by (click pic) vincent bradytakehito miyataketsuneaki hiramatsu and spencer black

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You know what the Green Heron is basically the best heron because it is like 90% neck so when it is all folded down it looks like a giant head with wings and legs


but then suddenly ZOOP


fucking green herrons

What the fuck

i would rather be doing anything else (in particular i would like to be lying on the floor) but i must study this chemistry because i have retained absolutely nothing


I’m hosting a blunt youth radio show titled “Sex Ed: Unfiltered” on August 11th (wmpg.org @ 7:30pm EST if you want to listen!) and we want to know what was missing from your sex ed classes.

The point of this show is that often when sex ed is discussed, the actual sex part is skirted around and shrouded in euphemisms so feel free to be “unfiltered”. 

ps Dr. Lindsey Doe (of sexplanations) will be speaking with us so that’s pretty cool because she is hashtag semi-famous 

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gendersads and a sense of incompetence

exactly what i needed

yeah i

know nothing about chemistry

2/3 of a hat plus 3/3 of a cat

2/3 of a hat plus 3/3 of a cat

— Agamemnon, in our wildest dreams (via incorrectiliad)

huh i saw laura benanti on broadway yeaaaaars ago and i only just discovered this


'i am gay' is so many different emotions like it can be excitement or just a calm statement, it can be dull surprise or genuine shock, it can mean “oh god a crush” or be a response explaining why you dont have a crush, it can be random filler to end a text post. i am gay



hey can we try calling me beck? it’s feeling really right for me right now

one more time!


none gender with left girl

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